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About Churaumi-Village

This is a fully rented accommodation near the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Small Child friendly

Baby chair, baby soap, children's chair, ・・・etc. We have changed the customer's "wish I have".
Giant trampoline, basket goal, sandbox, etc. While watching the children playing on the large site
You will enjoy the slowly flowing Okinawan time.

couples and groups

Since the whole house is reserved for one,
Suitable for group use.
Very often used by couples,
They like it all.
Please enjoy a completely different space from the hotel.

How to spendIntroduction video
(now making)

Have a great time
With precious people for you

The goodness of Churaumi Village

Thanks to you, many people have used it.
Introducing the "goodness" of us, which is often heard directly from customers.

best cost performance

It is a rate that the owner couple who started with two small children are particular about "easy to use even for families".
The cost performance is the highest level due to the staff's efforts.

Easy going out

Entrance immediately after parking the car.
Easy loading and unloading of luggage, and even some guests say, "If I forget something, I can feel free to get back."

Clean and full facilities

“Pajamas and combs” are not available at the village. The rest is empty.
Other customers can really say "I have everything up to itching".

BBQ and fireworks in the garden

BBQ in the village is very popular.
Many people smell good charcoal and meat every day, regardless of the season.
Fireworks and fireworks are enjoyed with children.

Beautiful night sky. Above all quiet

At night in Motobu, there are few outside lights and the night sky is really beautiful.
Of course, the Milky Way in summer. You might be able to hear the frog's voice from somewhere.

Kindly staff

The staff at Churaumi Village is very well received. We will do our best for all guests who enjoy a comfortable stay.
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your use

Since 2013, We started with three houses. many people have used it.
Thank you and for our next motivation, we will share the numbers in real time every day.


running days


Using people


BBQ players

You can do this

Lots of options to enjoy Okinawa!


You can comfortably in your private garden.
To make fire service by the staff is also available until 19:00.
You can also enjoy local ingredients and agu pork.


Breakfast was renewed.
You can eat at any time in your room.
Recommended for customers who do not have enough morning time.

Bonfire Set

A bonfire that you cannot usually do.
Why don't you study while enjoying the fire with your children?
I think it will be a wonderful memory.

Shellwork in your room
Shellwork in your room

With shells collected on the nearby beach, you can make photo frames and memories.
If you like what you make,
you can take it home!

Minna Island Tour
Minna Island Tour

Snorkel & experience diving ♪ You can play on Minnajima seen from Motobu town.
Snorkeling, of course, to experience diving!
Feel the beauty of this sea that is not found in southern Okinawa!

Agu pot Shabu-shabu
Agu Shabu-shabu

Agu called "phantom pig".
The sweet fat has a characteristic. Of course shime, porridge.
Please enjoy a fun shabu-shabu hot pot.

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Please select the month you would like to stay.
Please select a room type
Please input the number of people.
※Price in the table below is the total amount for the number of people input.
(tax included.)
Wood Deck
4th Pool &
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu Fri. Sat.
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu Fri. Sat.
<About the above table>

・upper row : Number of rooms remaining
・lower row : Amount of money

・Amount of money : Total amount of people input
・Amount of money : tax included

・Please note that there is a time lag of about one day for availability.

(Number of remaining rooms)
Reservable possible
Reservable possible
Reservable possible
Reservation not possible
Reservation not possible
<About the fee>

Minimum price: 2 adults
(If you are staying alone, the price will be for 2 adults.)

Half price for 3rd adult and above.

Half price of adult price

1,000 yen / night

1,000 yen / night

<Baby(No bed)>
No bedding or amenities

*Churaumi-Village Pool&Terrace : Fixed price for up to 8 people.

<About Price on Saturday, July>

The annual “Ocean Expo Memorial Park Fireworks Festival” schedule is unknown, so we set the price for the fireworks festival.
As soon as the "Ocean Expo Memorial Park Fireworks Festival" date is decided, it will be changed to the usual summer vacation fee on other Saturdays.

<About busy season>

About Busy season (GW, Summer, SW, New Year's holidays)
We accept reservations with priority over 2 nights, with priority.

2023 / 12 12/28(Thu)  12/29(Fri)  12/30(Sat)  12/31(Sun) 
2024 / 1 1/1(Mon)  1/2(Tue) 
2024 / 4 4/27(Sat)  4/28(Sun)  4/29(Mon)  4/30(Tue) 
2024 / 5 5/1(Wed)  5/2(Thu)  5/3(Fri)  5/4(Sat)  5/5(Sun) 
2024 / 7 7/12(Fri)  7/13(Sat)  7/14(Sun) 

cancellation policy

If you cancel the reservation,
you have to pay cancellation charge as bellow.

Not stay or not comming with no contact 100% of the room charge
The day 100% of the room charge
The day before 80% of the room charge
From 7 days ago 50% of the room charge
From 30 days ago 20% of the room charge
From 60 days ago
(High Season)
10% of the room charge
※ GW、Summer Season、SW(Late September)、New Year's Holiday
GW 2023/4/28 - 2023/5/6
Summer Season 2023/7/22 - 2023/8/21
SW 2023/9/16 - 2023/9/23
New Year's Holiday 2023/12/28 - 2024/1/2

Make your reservation

E-amil address.
* Please input exactly.
And this mail-address need to receive from our mail "".
Checkin date.
Stay days.
Room Type
* We have decided to renew the glamping.
We will suspend new bookings for glamping until we are ready.
Number of guests
About bedding
<1st, 2nd, 3rd>
Up to 2 people: bed
3 people or more: futon (japanese bed)

<4th Pool&Terrace>
Up to 4 people: bed
5 people or more: futon (japanese bed)

* When changing all bedding to futon
Please let us know your request by the day before your stay.
(A handling fee will be charged for requests made on the same day as an emergency response. Please understand.)

*Reservations cannot be made on the day of the "Aguu shabu-shabu Course Include meal".
  Please make a reservation by the day before.
*BBQ Grill cannot be brought in.
  If you would like BBQ, please select the above and make a reservation.
*The BBQ Grill at the 4th is not charcoal. (gas grill)

*BBQ is prohibited in "1st Village"
Churaumi Aquarium Ticket
*You can buy tickets at check-in.
  (Churaumi Aquarium ticket payment is "cash only")
Payment method
*Credit card only.
(Input your credit card information on the next page.)
Discount coupon code
*If you have a discount coupon code issued by Churaumi Village, please input it.
If you have any question,
please let us know.

* We will reply later.
(If you do not receive a reply after 3 days, please email me directly.)


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